Water polo coach's clipboard 3.3


* New animation feature added!

Water polo coach's clipboard is the perfect app for you to demonstrate plays and strategies on. Use your fingers to move players and the ball around the pool. Features half and full pool mode. Save unlimited number of plays into your playbook that you can load quickly from the sidelines.

* Press red button for animation mode. Press the + button to record each step and press play to animate.
* Double tap on players to change number/name
* To add/remove player. Go to Settings -> No. of players -> Tap on layer to remove or tap on empty space to add player

- Move players with fingers
- Change player number
- Display player's name
- Change no. of players
- Half and full pool mode
- Save and load plays
- Draw lines with fingers
- Show/hide home and away team
- Undo lines

Last Updated:2015-06-10 15:39:16
File size:2.19MB

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